Jewelry made from the stained glasses of the Synagogue on Frankel Leo street


I was very lucky when a renowned restorer, a member of the Kopp family, gave me a small glass window fragment. It was so insignificant, that most people would have probably swept it off the floor and threw it in the trash. Most people would have stepped over it, and it’s likely that only a child would have caught a glimpse of it in the dust of the street.

I make jewelry from the fragments of the glass windows of the Synagogue on Frankel Leó Street. Each piece with its shape ‘tells me’ the form in which it wants to be preserved. I’m just looking at the glowing colors, the shape of the glass as it talks to me, and I select the gemstones to go with it.

In Jewish art, white has a prominent role – as in many other cultures – a symbol of purity. T he use of blue and green colors is also prominent, they symbolize the color of heaven and plants that can be seen on the flag of Israel, and almost all important manifestations of Judaism. Common is red, blue, green, and gold, the color of blazing sun.

I’m always interested to see who will be the new owner of these glass fragments that have so much history.

Unique pieces from this selection