the million diamond



When we truly love someone, we may think about him/her a million times a day. There is a floral arrangement, called ‘million roses’, in which a box full of roses symbolize our love. From here comes my Million Diamond collection, where I use countless unpolished diamonds to express our love.

These diamonds are 1 mm in size and have VS1 purity. The advantage of their unpolished nature is that they can reflect light in an unpredictable manner.

My Polished Light collection has a bubble and many gemstones inside. As it is moved, the gems fall down as a waterfall going around upward-moving bubble. The diamonds are either sparkling with rainbow colors, reflect the color of the glass surrounding them.

Thanks to a particular technique of mine, the diamonds floating in the jewelry multiply and look as there were millions of diamonds inside. It’s the captivating and mysterious sight of this movement of diamonds that mesmerizes whoever wears it, but it also shows nicely as a display at someone’s home.

This collection is available not only in the form of a ring but also in bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces.

Unique pieces from this collection