Jewelry made from the stained windows of the church on Roses square


The stained glass windows of the Rózsák square church were restored Judit Füri and by my best friend and university professor, Gábor Gonzalesi. Gábor saw my work and thought it appropriate to give me his glass collection generously to make jewelry from them.

Rózsák tere templom

The glasses of the Church of the Roses Square are made from specially crafted antique glasses by Saint Just. To keep their pure colors, their light translucency, their noble glow, I cut them into special jewels. Many couples hold their weddings in the Roses Square Church; a wonderful reminder for them is a wedding or engagement ring made from the church’s stained glass. The inner glass of the church windows is a wonder of colors, its huge glass windows praise the Lord.

Rózsák tere templom éjszakai fényben
Rózsák tere templom csarnok
Rózsák tere templom szélesített belső kép

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