Secrets of the Buds


I always liked to combine antique glass and porcelain. In Secrets of the Buds collection, I use this mixture in several ways to reinforce each other by their exciting and magical stories. When two stories meet, it can lead to catharsis, creating a new world …

In Secrets of the Buds collection, a new world was created that I designed to bring the antique history into a modern concept. This collection calls both beautiful jewelry lovers and collectors at one time. My jewels have already been archived by the Museum of Applied Arts and a collection of Hungarian and foreign collectors.

I’ve designed Secrets of the Buds collection to be long-lasting, durable jewelry. Sometimes the bracelet’s been hit to something, so the glass lenses were made from the hardest borosilicate glass at the bud part, so it is almost unbreakable.

After a long test, I introduce and place it on the market.

Unique pieces from this collection

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