In this collection I collected the most famous and valuable porcelains in the world to surround them with glass beads. Thus, the combination of two noble ornaments will result in a new art of jewelry, which means that the broken valuable porcelain will have a new life functioning as something else.

Creating the string of beads is a time-consuming, creative process using a precise, meticulous method, so it requires a lot of patience. The beads are also not ordinary ones: we work with uniform size Japanese Miyuki beads.

During the process I use hand-painted details of the most exciting iconic pieces of Hungarian and world porcelains. After selecting a beautiful detail, I cut out the shape so that the pearls fit exactly and securely. The beads are mechanically fastened to the porcelain for durability.

We select and shape a bead string that’s harmoniously matching the unique pattern and color of each porcelain piece. Creation is a pleasure, especially when a beautiful, special jewelry is created that becomes part of the unrepeatable Renomé Collection.

Unique pieces from this collection