Polished Light


The Polished Light Collection is an antique glass exclusive collection placed in silver or gold, with diamonds and other precious stones inside. I use pieces of stained glass from the renovation of the Matthias Church, Church on Roses Square, and of other renowned buildings, with a diamond or other gemstone of different sizes floating with a bubble in a clear liquid inside. The diamond breaks the light, so constant color reflections can be observed in the rings. These reflections are doubled by a bubbled. On the back side of the ring an engraving with my signature and my logo can be found.

Many ask where my church glasses come from …Gábor Gonzales my glass restorer professor from university collected hundreds of kilos of small glass pieces during his works. He and his team re-created the decorative windows of the Church on the Roses square, as well as the glasses of the Varosmajor church and many windows of downtown buildings. I received several beautiful opaline glasses from my university professor Márton Horváth. He got them from Miksa Roth’s daughter, Amalka Roth. He offered me the entire material to use it in my workshop.

In 1944, due to bombings in the World War II, the windows of the Matthias Church were removed and moved to a shelter. One of my relatives, who at the time lived in the Castle of Buda, took part in this operation. During the removal and transportation many windows were damaged. Fortunately, these many small fragments have been saved and I used these pieces in my works.

During a radio interview I gave, I got a phone call from someone who used to work for Matthias Church as a janitor. He wanted to stay incognito, but offered me several boxes of broken glass from Matthias Church. I am very grateful to him as I actively use the materials he gave me. (Note: In 1994, a bomb exploded at the gateway to the Fishermen’s Bastion.” The senseless terror has damaged sixteen church windows, three of which still only has a weaker copy in place. “)

Similarly, a reporter who previously worked in the Chartres Cathedral in France also offered me glasses from the church. I also received broken glass pieces from the Synagogue in Budapest that underwent restoration works.

I have received glass offerings from churches, temples, castles, and civilian homes. Most owners only ask for a jewelry in return made out of the glass they gifted me.

Unique pieces from this collection