My Bride

Engagement collection

‘A never-ending glistening and an eternal dance’ could also be the name of my engagement ring collection.

This ring is like us, distinctive and one-of-a-kind, like we all are. These tiny jewels are the dynamic mirrors of ourselves. In the play of this ring, we reflect our inner being, our ever-changing mood, our emotions, our uncertainty or confidence, our love and our enthusiasm, our ups and downs. Whatever prevails in us, this jewel reminds us of the sanctity of marriage.

Every piece is carefully polished, molded, then a precious gemstone – diamond, sapphire, or emerald – is placed inside the ring. Then I fill it up with crystal sea water and leave just enough space for a bubble to emerge. This is a long but sure process. The end result is to present you a jewel, eternal and noble in character. Customers have bought this ring for engagement, wedding anniversary, or because they liked it.

To my pleasure, all feedback has been positive about it.

Unique pieces from this collection