Jewelry made out of glass by Roth Miksa


One of the greatest Hungarian glass artists from the Secession era was Miksa Róth (1865-1944). He created most of the stained glass windows of wealthier civilian homes and churches. Eventually, these glass windows need to be restored due to the passage of time and the storms of history.

I was lucky to have received some of the replaced windows. In them I immediately saw a special feature that only the glasses used by Roth Miksa have: the unique colors and one-of-a-kind glamour

Miksa Róth himself melted glasses, he also dealt with creating colored glass cases (inserts), and making beads. Most of my collection of glasses was given to me by Márton Horváth, professor of Moholy-Nagy László University, my esteemed professor. He bought these original pieces from Miksa Róth’s daughter, Róth Amálka. These mystical glasses have ‘heard’ prayers for decades, reflecting memories of many generations with their opaque moonlight shine

The glasses of Miksa Róth always shine slightly opaque, they are not perfectly transparent either, so they can remind us of the unmistakable light of many billion stars of the Milky Way. They almost belong to a museum! So to preserve them, I create larger, more durable jewelry from them. Each of them has its own story, a peculiar radiance, and a mysterious glow.

These jewelry can become a valuable collector’s gift that not only preserves their value but will become more valuable each year because of their limited number. It is a good investment!