I design my rings so that they can be worn on any finger comfortably. Most of my rings are spirally adjustable, so everyone can adjust it to their size. Of course, fixed sized rings are also available on order.

A ring can lighten up the everyday life, highlight any dress, and the best part of all, we can watch and enjoy all day long with our eyes. In the “Polished Light” collection, it is quite special how the inside of the ring filled with bubbles and diamonds starts dancing to the movement of fingers. When the sun shines through the ring, a “Glory of Light” is projected on the finger, often with never-before-seen colors. This is also a mysterious feature of the “Polished Light” rings.

The color of the jewelry changes with the changing of the daylight and changes in the environment; whether we use it indoors or outdoors. It’s a really exciting experience to wear it, which will sure color your everyday life!

When creating a porcelain ring, I pay special attention to the motives, colors, and finishes. In some of my porcelain rings, I try to hide a secret story on the surface with the hand-painted images.

Unique pieces of this selection