Pendants, necklaces


Those who wear Károly Szász’s jewelery cannot deny their romantic sides. My jewelry can be worn during the week, to work, or even to formal events. I use world class antique porcelains and give them a new role: I shape them into jewelry. This is how a Victorian butterfly pattern becomes a pendant, or an eosin piece from Zsolnai makes a nice earring.All of my collections are unique works of art, most of them cannot be re-created. I do not work with templates, instead, my fingers run through the pattern of the porcelain and the shape of the piece leads into my fingers. While working on a particular piece, I can feel the antique piece’s history and recompose the world.  With my improved sanding skills, I am more comfortable now which adds a lifetime of safety, I appreciate that porcelain jewelry becomes a massive and virtually unbreakable…

Unique pieces of this selection